Natural Adonis
"Tame The Mane"

FINALLY, A BEARD Balm that’s  created especially for the UNCTUOUS and CHARISMATIC KING!

The only product you’ll need to condition , moisturize, and  build confidence!

Simplistic as

  1. WASH
  2. DRY
  3. APPLY



Tame the Mane Conditioner, Moisturizer. Shine, Connects Beard, Fills in Beards, Thickens Beard, Healthy Beard Maintenance, Relieves ingrown Hairs


Our all natural beard cream was designed to meet the needs of the beard and skin. Natural Adonis “Tame The Mane” is made with the best ingredients fit for a bearded King. One of our greatest ingredients is the Anointing followed by oils like Sandalwood and Ginger. These two oils are great for softening the skin and beard, moisturizing, and aiding in the relief of ingrown hairs.