Do you want rich and moist curl definition or deep waves?

Do you want a lasting  shine & hold without product build-up or flaking? What about style security (no frizz)?

If you answered YES, keep on reading.

What causes frizzy undefined hair styles?


Frizzy undefined hair styles may be the result of your hair trying to tell you something. Often time hair that has been over processed or damaged can cause a style to be tarnished. Other reasons may be your hair cuticle is not closed, the alcohol in products are causes product build-up, dryness, and harden your hair.

How Natural Goddess Curl Souffle and Styler WILL Help

How The Curl Soufflé Works

This Soufflé’/Definer is infused with the best ingredients for your hair and scalp and does a remarkable job as it gives you the desired style for as long as you want it! Deep curl hydration makes your hair a conversation piece! With no added harsh chemicals, your hair is sure t live its best life.

Natural Goddess Curl Soufflé

One great ingredient besides the Anointing in our Curl Soufflé is pure Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang Ylang is a natural conditioner that helps to stimulates blood-flow which can aid in hair growth. Ylang Ylang can also has cleansing and hydrating properties, that can relieve an itchy scalp

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