Natural Adonis Growth Stimulant

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Natural Adonis Growth Stimulant
“Sampson’s Secret”

I am a simulator that is a fresh, lightweight custard that is designed to help support normal hair follicle functions and maintain healthy hair growth. My many benefits include producing hair growth, speeding up the growth cycle, increasing blood circulation,  thicken hair, and preventing baldness. I am a product that is effective for all hair types and made with natural ingredients: The Anointing, Mango Butter, Lavender Oil, and Rosemary oil.
Just apply “Sampson’s Secret” through your scalp to start your hair growth journey. I work well when paired with my brother Natural Adonis Rejuvenating Reign! 

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

1 review for Natural Adonis Growth Stimulant

  1. Joi G(m.m)

    Mr.Cool (store manager)

    Great for dreads! Made mine jump a foot easily.

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