Natural Goddess Growth Stimulant

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Regrow Your Hair and Your Confidence!

Hair loss is reversible! Thicker & fuller hair is  easily accessible too. Our lightweight UNIVERSAL Growth Stimulant revives and moisturizes as it penetrates the scalp for regrowth. We have the permanent solution to the private problem of hair loss.



Rapunzel’s Secret reverses the damaging effects of hair loss caused by Medication, Chemotherapy, Alopecia, loss edges or  thinning hair.
Packed with Omega 3, 6, 9  and vitamins A, B, & C

9 reviews for Natural Goddess Growth Stimulant

  1. Verified Customer

    Great Product. It made my hair grow.

  2. C.M.

    I LOVE the pudding for my edges. If you workout a lot you know the sweat is not your friend. I have seen healthy growth in an area where i had breakage.

  3. Verified Customer

    Really impressed. Your products has helped me get to the point where I no longer wear wigs🙌🏽

  4. M. Mary

    My hair is getting thick!!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  5. C.M.

    If you are looking for growth, I recommend the Growth Stimulant. I used 2 jars and achieved approximately 3-5 inches. I now use the Daily Conditioner for maintenance. My hair feels so SOFT and LUXURIOUS. It looks HEALTHY and GLOSSY. ALL NATURAL!

  6. Verified Customer

    I purchased Rapunzel’s Secret Growth Stimulant and I must say, I am HIGHLY satisfied and have traded in my Carol’s Daughter product to make the switch.

  7. Verified Customer

    My one year old hair is fuller. I see it growing. I spray it(with the Rejuvenating Reign), then put the grow cream(Rapunzel’s Secret) and curl cream(Curl Soufflé).

    My eldest daughter uses all the products( Rejuvenating Reign, Growth Stimulant, and Curl Soufflé). She said her hair is growing.

  8. C.M.

    My hair is so long that I can bring it below my nose. It smells so eloquent.

  9. Eminence

    What a big difference Natural Goddess “Rapunzel’s Secret” has made in my life and hair! Natural Goddess has regrew my hair… the hard part is over!

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