Rejuvenating Reign

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Do away with damaged, brittle, and dry hair with The Rejuvenating Reign.
You won’t miss with this mist. Healthy hair has never been so easy to achieve. Power packed with rejuvenating nutrients and antioxidants that  your hair  & skin need to flourish and glow!


Rejuvenating reign (Mist)

Great  mist with Multi-functional use such as:

Strengthens hair at the root!

Pre-moistener (before styling)


Rich in Antioxidants

UV Protectant, soothes sunburns

Provides oxygen to hair & skin

Eradicates dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rashes.

Repairs skin blemishes & scars, etc.

Moisturizes & protects hair from heat damage. 

Excellent for styling hair & beards. Scalp soother(braids) & More!

Dimensions 4 × 4 in

4 reviews for Rejuvenating Reign

  1. Joi G(m.m)

    Y.G. (store manager)

    I used them both completely and the are amazing! I will definitely be back for more!!

  2. Joi G(m.m)

    Verified Customer (store manager)

    My one year old hair is fuller. I see it growing. I spray it(with the Rejuvenating Reign), then put the grow cream(Rapunzel’s Secret) and curl cream(Curl Soufflé).

  3. Joi G(m.m)

    A.L. (store manager)

    I my hair a refresh with Rejuvenating Reign before I blow dried it. It smelled so good in that bathroom while I was blow drying it. Like tea, from the tea in it! & my hair didn’t get BRITTLE! This morning I sprayed it on my sons face for a refresh/wake up! I love it! I love how there are so many uses for it!!!

  4. Joi G(m.m)

    C.M. (store manager)

    I received my order. I love the product. I am spraying it EVERYWHERE. Thanks so much!

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